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Together We Are Changing the Landscape of Arkansas!

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Tony Knight - President/Owner

Tony is the 4th generation of landscapers in the LRLI family.  He has been in the business working and managing LRLI for 27 years.  He recently has become the sole owner of Little Rock Landscape, INC and is super passionate about how the company has scaled over the past 10 years.  "I can't wait to see where God takes us next!  We are truly blessed as a company to have the staff we have working for us.  Additionally, we could not be where we are if it wasn't for the General Contractors and Clients that we have been able to partner with to construct some of the most notable projects across the state!"


Melody Jolly-Knight - Executive Assistant


Melody is a North Little Rock native.  She not only serves as Tony's Executive Assistant but is his beautiful wife! After practicing dental hygiene for 13 years, God opened the door in 2019 for her to step into the landscape world! She loves to be outside and if you can't find her at her desk, she may be found cooking, on the lake, at the beach, or at church.  "I am SO grateful to be a part of a company that loves the Lord and always puts him first. To God be the glory!"

Our Story

Little Rock Landscape Inc. has evolved out of four generations of Landscape Contractors and Retail/Wholesale Nursery’s. It all began in the 1940’s with Mr. H. H. Heitman, he was my great grandfather. The historic tale is that he went door to door selling plants off the running board of a T-Model Ford. During this time period, he was known to be one of the first three landscape nurserymen in all Little Rock! In 1949, my grandfather, Lloyd Heitman, returned home from playing pro baseball and started H. H. Heitman & Son Nursery. Then in 1968, my father Steve Knight, married my Momma, Marietta Heitman Knight. She was the only child from Lloyd and Maribelle  Heitman. Then in 1978, Mr. Heitman wanted to retire which led to the evolution of a name change!  

In February of that same year, my father founded Little Rock Landscape, INC, and  never looked back! My father was able to accomplish so much in the landscape/irrigation trade here in AR. You can’t drive down any of the metro highways through Little Rock and not see some of my father’s hard work throughout the city and suburbs of Little Rock. I am very grateful to have had him as a role model of hard work, faith, and leadership. I had no choice but to recognize these attributes growing up in the company. To this, I am so grateful! 

In 1998, I came off the road from two years of traveling doing ministry all over the U.S.  Once I returned to AR, I joined Little Rock Landscape, INC to become the 4th generation of landscapers in my family. What a journey it has been! We have been able to perform some of the most notable projects in the state! From the Little Rock National Airport to University Plaza Shopping Center, to Park Plaza Mall, to AR State  Veterans Cemetery, to all kinds of banks and clinics throughout the state.  

In 2011, I became the VP of Operations and began building a team that could help grow  LRLI into what it is today. My Dad and I kept the plow to the ground while trying to look for staff that could help us get to the next level. In 2016, we were able to bring on Tim Bennefeld, who now serves as our VP/DOO for LRLI. His history and experience in the business, coupled with our multi-generation of business relationships, truly put LRLI  on a track to scale that we had no idea could happen! Since 2011, we have gone from around 10 employees with 2-3 crews, to now having 55 employees with 12 different crews! We have been selected to do some incredible projects of notoriety here in AR, including Bank OZK HQ, ASU OPS/Waterfall, Amazon Riverport, and Oaklawn projects just to  name some!

Little Rock Landscape, INC has diversified into two different divisions over the years.  We have a landscape division that is fully equipped to landscape, irrigate, build retaining walls of any size, water features, LED landscape lighting, and any design needed for your commercial or residential needs.  

We also have a lawn maintenance division. This division is under the leadership of  Oscar Garcia. Oscar came to us in 2016 as a landscape laborer. Tim recognized Oscar’s leadership on that landscape crew and now Oscar serves as our Director of Property Management! What a story! This division houses 6 different crews that are  dispatched out daily to mow, blow, edge, and fully maintain commercial and residential  properties all over the metro area. This division covers anything and everything in  making your property beautiful!  

From the running board of a T-Model Ford, to installing million-dollar landscape  projects, Little Rock Landscape, Inc. continues to change the face of our great state.  The world we live in was originally created to be a lush Landscape Garden, and we will  continue the tradition to change the face of the landscape to Little Rock and beyond.  

To God be the Glory! 

Please take some time and meet our team here! God has blessed us with some of the  most creative, skilled, and hard-working staff I have ever seen! Thanks for checking us  out!  

Tony Knight


Tim Bennefeld - Vice President/DOO

Tim came to LRLI decorated from being in the landscape/irrigation industry for over 37 years.  He started his career here at LRLI in 2016.  Tim's leadership and knowledge of the industry that he brings to the team continues to accomplish multi-million dollars in revenue a year!  Tim is an AR Certified Nurseryman (ACN), has his AR State Herbicide/Pesticide Licence, and has been trained in OSHA 30. We are very grateful to have Tim as a part of the LRLI Team!   


Oscar Garcia - Director of Property Management

Oscar came to LRLI in 2016.  At that time he was hired at the entry level and was serving on one of our landscape crews.  Tim saw the potential in "OG" and decided to ask him if he thought he could lead the maintenance division.  The rest is history!  When OG became the Director of Property Management for LRLI we had around 2-3 crews performing maintenance.  We now have 6 different crews thanks to the leadership of Oscar Garcia!  We are super thankful for OG! 


Ben Knight -  Assistant Director of Maintenance

Ben is one of our newest staff members. However, he is not new to the LR Landscape Family!  Ben is the son of Tony Knight, the owner.  We are super excited that he is back joining the family owned company and carries on the legacy of landscaping being the 5th generation of landscapers!  Great job Ben!    


Kyleigh Thompson - Office Assistant

Kyleigh was born and raised in West Little Rock. Kyleigh LOVES to be outside!  You can find her on the SxS, probably stuck in the mud, out on the boat or in the woods looking for a deer. Kyleigh has come to us after working a year and a half as a project manager assistant. “I am so grateful for the opportunity for such a wonderful Company, I am excited to grow and learn about the Landscape Industry” 



Adam Hooper - Lead Estimator

Adam came seeking a career that would combine his experience with a more local, small business venture, Adam joined the LR Landscape team in 2019. Since that time, Adam has worked with LRLI's valued clients to contract and complete over 4 million dollars in annual landscape construction revenue. 

Adam is a graduate of Arkansas Tech University with Bachelor of Science degrees in Physical Science and Environmental Geology, and is a registered Professional Geologist (PG) in the State of Arkansas. Adam's past experience as an environmental consultant performing soil and groundwater assessments provides valuable insight to managing site conditions and materials for LR Landscape's clients.  Adam does a great job for us and we are thankful to have him on staff! 

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