Little Rock Landscape Inc. has evolved out of four generations of landscape and nursery contractors.


It began in the 1940s with Mr. H. H. Heitman going door-to-door selling plants off of the running board of a T-Model Ford.


He was one of the first three landscape nurserymen in all of Little Rock.

In 1949, Mr. Lloyd Heitman started H. H. Heitman & Son Nursery.

In 1968, while attending Little Rock University, Steve Knight married Marietta Heitman, the only child of Mr. Lloyd Heitman and joined the family business!

In 1978, Mr. Heitman retired which led to the evolution of a vibrant new name change!

Little Rock Landscape Inc. was founded in February of 1978 by Steve Knight. In that same year, Little Rock Landscape was contracted to install the landscape and irrigation in the first phase of the Little Rock Airport. 


A few years later, Little Rock Landscape was awarded the contract for landscaping & irrigation to the brand new, "Park Plaza Mall". With these mighty endeavors, the newly named company with an old history had arrived!

In 1998, Tony Knight, second born son to Steve and Marietta Knight, returned home after two years of "on the road" church ministry and joined forces with his father, Steve. He became the FOURTH generation of landscape/ irrigation contractors in the family.

Since its inception, Little Rock Landscape has installed a multitude of large-scale undertakings.

These include: the second phase of Little Rock National Airport, five Wal-Marts (in state and out), five La Quinta Inns, five Bank OZKs, three Metropolitan Banks (including the now 40 story headquarters building downtown), The Regions Bank Building downtown, McCain Plaza Mall, University Plaza Shopping Center, The original Worthen Bank Building downtown, various athletic fields in Little Rock, Bryant, and Conway, Veterans Cemetaries (in and out of state), numerous churches, two OBU dormitories, UALR Residential Housing, two Pulaski Tech Campuses, ETC!!


LRL, Inc. has had its hands in HUNDREDS of other notable projects spanning sixty five plus years of family run landscaping and irrigation.

In 2011, Tony Knight became V. P. of Operations and was set up to take Little Rock Landscape to great new heights!


In addition to commercial and residential landscape and irrigation, LRL, Inc. also installs segmental walls, LED lighting, water features, drainage and many other hardscape projects. The sky is the limit!


We also offer lawn maintenance packages to meet your residential OR commercial needs. 


RainBird Corp. of California recognizes Little Rock Landscape as one of its ONLY, "Select Contractors" statewide for irrigation & sprinkler products.


From the running board of a T-Model Ford to installing million dollar landscape projects, Little Rock Landscape, Inc. continues to change the face of our great state with integrity, a green thumb, and a smile!

The world we live in was originally created to be a lush landscape garden, we don't take this lightly! Tony has a teenage son that may be our fifth generation landscape heritage. This could continue the tradition in changing the face of the landscape in Little Rock and beyond! 



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